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Interest Rates Claire Yeo
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<p>Understanding your property valuation is important when you are looking to buy or sell your current home. </p> <p><strong>Understanding Property Valuation</strong></p> <p>A property valuation is typically carried out by a licensed appraiser and is an assessment of what your property is worth.</p> <p>There are two kinds of valuations, indicative and actual valuations.</p> <p><strong>Indicative Valuations</strong> are basic estimates of a property's value. </p> <p>It is usually based on the average price of similar recently transacted properties in the same area. Both homeowners and agents can perform these valuations through simple research. </p> <p>However, these days...</p>

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Interest Rates Claire Yeo
New Purchase Claire Yeo

<p>With more and more million-dollar HDBs popping up in the news, many might wonder how the average Singaporean can actually afford them. Beyond that, the often talked about question is: Will HDB prices continue to rise? When will be a good time to enter the market?</p> <p>In order to understand HDB trends, it's important to go straight to the beginning to understand how the Housing Development Board (HDB) came about. Created in 1960, HDB was birthed with a mission to fix the nation's housing crunch. Their mandate has always been to provide affordable, quality homes for Singaporeans.</p> <p>Looking at today's ...</p>

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Interest Rates Claire Yeo

<p>The U.S. Federal Reserve officials have projected not one, not two, but three interest rate cuts in 2024. This exciting development, as revealed in their latest summary of economic projections, marks a significant shift since the Federal Reserve dramatically reduced rates during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.</p> <p>Now, let's talk about how these anticipated reductions will impact homeowners like you. If you're seeking a loan or considering refinancing this year, the upcoming rate cuts will undeniably play a role. Those without mortgage lock-ins can take advantage of lower interest rat...</p>


Interest Rates Chen Guang Lu

How has the June 2023 US Fed meeting influenced the Interest Rate Outlook for the coming months? We give our monthly analysis


Interest Rates Peter Lin

For the past seven years, fixed deposit linked rates like DBS FHR6 have been a unique proposition in the mortgage industry. But are they truly as low a risk?


Interest Rates Si Jie Lim

Banks brought back their fixed interest rate home loan packages and well, they're... high. We look into why banks have set such high interest rates and what we can expect from the future


Interest Rates Peter Lin

A board rate is a home loan interest rate that the bank determines internally. There is no transparency to you and me. How this rate is decided and what benchmarks are used are not revealed to the public. Read on to find out why you should avoid these home loan packages.

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Interest Rates Peter Lin

As SIBOR continues to fall in 2020, even the most risk adverse may find value in choosing this volatile type of home loan package. Here's why you should take a floating rate today.

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Interest Rates Peter Lin

Depending your risk profile and financial situation, choosing fixed rate home loans may be the best choice. However, you have to consider that no package stays fixed forever, and that it may cost you more in the long run! Surprised? Here's what else you might not know about fixed rates in Singapore.

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Interest Rates Peter Lin

Should you choose a SIBOR rate for your housing loan in Singapore? What is the difference between 3 month SIBOR and 1 month SIBOR? Learn more about the Singapore Interbank Offered Rate and why it is so crucial to your mortgage.

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