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News Si Jie Lim

There has been a massive turbulence in the financial markets recently with major banks closing and financial institutions rushing to contain the effects of the failures. What can we expect in Singapore?


BTO Guides Si Jie Lim

The first BTO launch of the year is here and we rank the five projects from Jurong West to Farrer Park

Beyond 2022_West.png

News Si Jie Lim

Last but definitely not least, our series wraps up with a look at the hot new areas in Singapore's West

Beyond 2022_East.png

News Si Jie Lim

Part three of our series looks at upcoming developments in the Eastern region of Singapore


News Peter Lin

Budget 2022 revealed that property taxes are going up, but only for properties with a high Annual Value! But what is Annual Value, and how do you calculate yours?

Beyond 2022_North-East.png

News Si Jie Lim

In part two of our year-end series, we take a look at upcoming developments in the North-Eastern part of Singapore

Beyond 2022_North.png

News Si Jie Lim

In the first part of our year-end series, we take a look at upcoming developments in the Northern neighbourhoods of Singapore including Canberra Estate and the Woodlands Regional Centre


Interest Rates Peter Lin

For the past seven years, fixed deposit linked rates like DBS FHR6 have been a unique proposition in the mortgage industry. But are they truly as low a risk?


Interest Rates Si Jie Lim

Banks brought back their fixed interest rate home loan packages and well, they're... high. We look into why banks have set such high interest rates and what we can expect from the future


Refinancing Si Jie Lim

Singapore's core inflation has risen to 5.3%, coming close to the 14-year high of 5.5%. How can refinancing our home loan help with inflation?