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New Purchase Si Jie Lim

The property market has defied all expectations, with valuations still at an all-time high despite higher interest rates. We ask why


Home Loan Si Jie Lim

As interest rates rise, homeowners are paying more every month. Here are 4 tips to mitigate the increase in home loan repayment


Home Loan Si Jie Lim

Getting a bank loan for your new property purchase or refinancing your existing home loan? Here's a helpful guide for all your mortgage decisions


BTO Guides Si Jie Lim

BTO completion delays are nothing new in a post-pandemic Singapore, but a BTO launch delay? Well better late than never for the September 2023 BTO launch


News Si Jie Lim

The latest OCBC Financial Wellness Survey revealed that 2 in 5 Singaporeans face some difficulties in paying off their mortgage loans, an increase from previous years


New Purchase Si Jie Lim

With property prices still rising in Singapore, we could all use a little help in ensuring we buy a home that is affordable. Introducing the 3-3-5 Rule!


News Peter Lin

After increasing for 31 consecutive months, HDB resale prices dipped only slightly in Feb this year. But the reprieve didn't last


Home Loan Si Jie Lim

When repaying your bank loan each month, many of us pay in full by CPF. But with interest rates rising, is that still a sound decision?


New Purchase Si Jie Lim

Private property prices fell for the first-time in three years, which makes the new condo launches this quarter even more exciting


News Si Jie Lim

A recent survey by NUS Real Estate unveils what developers are doing in response to the ABSD hike in April. We’re here to break it down.