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BTO Guide for Tengah Nov 2021


by Kyler Q. on

Let's just get the 1 question that is on everybody's mind out of the way.

If the November BTO launches on 11.11, is there going to be a discount?

Yeah sure buddy, just like how you were hoping for 5-pax dine in by end October (cause apparently we don't contribute to the economy)

But alas, we have arrived at the final BTO launch of 2021.

After an entire year of doing Safe Entry to enter places, let’s switch things up and find out more about places that you can do safe entry instead ;)

Prepare your Singpasses, whip out your $10 and put on your reading glasses, cause it’s BTO time again baby.

otis from sex ed saying it's good to be back in business;

Wait sorry, before we begin, shameless plug for our new ✨Telegram channel.✨

Tune in to see how I struggle to come up with a new copy by 8pm everyday.
Ok let's go.

Guides for the other sites in this launch,

Jurong West

Content Page

Tengah Nov’21
Units Available
Street & Amenities
How much can you earn if you sell this BTO?

Tengah Nov'21

Site map of Tengah

Reunited and it feels so good.

Moving on from the fling I had with Hougang in August, Tengah is back this launch to reclaim my heart. It’s like OtisxRuby from Sex Ed, making me forget all about Maeve that is Hougang.

My boss literally now makes fun of me and calls me the Tengah Boy on our podcast, but how can anyone not be in love with what this place has to offer?

But what can I do? With Tengah, I can feel a real connection (a supernatural attraction-ah)

the feels mv from twice but edited with captions;

BTO Name Prediction

What I think it'll be called: Parc Glade @ Tengah, Parc Vale @ Tengah

What it's actually called: [Updated] Parc Glen @ Tengah, Parc Clover @ Tengah

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Units Available

There will be 2 plots of units, one with 1120 units, and the other with 1000 units, comprising units ranging from 2-rm flexis to 5-rm units.

Since you can’t choose which lot to apply for (and the fact that they’re literally right next to one another), it’s essentially a sale for 2120 units of 2-rm flexis, 3-rm, 4-rm & 5-rms.

Find out more: The different types of houses in Singapore

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Prices of Tengah nov'21

Infographic of Tengah BTO

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While there may be 4 upcoming MRT stations that is in walking distance (definitely less of a distance compared to the Hougang BTO one lul), you only really need to care about 2 of those - Tengah and Tengah Plantation MRT Station.


This is because this BTO will be situated in between 2 of those MRT stations (you’re the yellow X), AND both of those stations already offer connectivity to both the West and East lines of the JRL respectively.

Basically you walk 1 side, you get 1 exclusive line, you walk the other side, you get the other exclusive line …. maximus convenience.

(This isn’t like that tempered glass round in squid game where you gotta choose only 1 side)

Bus wise, you’re right opposite where Tengah Bus Interchange is proposed to be at. You’re basically guaranteed a seat whenever you take the bus. I’ll also elaborate more on the bus interchange in the street portion below.

For those who drive, you’re just a couple of minutes away from the KJE & PIE.

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Street & Amenities

This block of units is situated along Tengah Boulevard and Tengah Park Avenue, and is poised to be the tengah of Tengah.

What that means is, expect some bustling at all times because there are facilities that will attract traffic (in terms of people and vehicles)


Map shot of certain key features

  1. This BTO is at a cross junction, and has a Tengah link right up the street (hence the traffic volume).
  2. There is a neighbourhood centre and a proposed park right behind these blocks (Forest Fringe)
  3. The bus interchange ... quite self-explanatory. Positive takeaway? It’s highly likely that it’ll be underground, which means the noise might be reduced.
  4. Also, not to mention, there are freaking 2000+ units in this area from this BTO sale alone. Only other time you’ll bump into more Singaporeans in an area is in Korea when the VTL opens.

basically singaporeans when circuit breaker was announced;

Probably the most valuable amenity that Tengah will possess is the whole green/environmentally-friendly aspect to it.

I mean, it’s literally the core foundation of the whole concept of this place right?

Touted as being “at home with Nature”, Tengah is distinct from other towns, especially in Singapore where the topic of “Clearing Forests for Housing” has long been debated.

Tengah offers the best of both worlds (or at least, offers the best it can).

Not only can you expect multiple sites and sights of greenery, but a car-lite society, readily-available electric vehicle charging stations and Smart Technology to reduce energy consumption will complement the efforts towards making Tengah a green town.

Retail wise, it seems like there’ll be neighbourhood centres that will cater to the masses. But if we’re talking about actual shopping malls, you’ll have to resort to West Mall or the cluster of malls at Jurong East for now.

If you’re looking for something more intense than walking in the greenery, you’ll have to travel abit for sport amenities.
While there is an upcoming sports & recreation facility coming up near Tengah MRT, your next best option is Bukit Batok Swimming Complex, which is quite a distance away.

The fitness options are honestly pretty forgettable, almost as forgettable as the Olympics taking place this year.

Healthcare wise, the nearest hospital is Ng Teng Fong Hospital, which I recently confused for a condo cause it looked fancy af.

Ng Teng Fong Hospital

For less serious issues, Tengah Polyclinic will be directly behind this BTO, integrated with the neighbourhood centre at Parc Residences.

This makes genging from work a lot easier, but remember to save your applause before you celebrate, ’cause how else are you supposed to show your appreciation for healthcare workers?

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Overall, there are numerous schooling options (in the infographic) in Tengah that cover all levels of education.

However, Tengah will have a few new schools, with 2 being super near to this BTO.

URA plan for new schools

At the time of writing, we have no knowledge of what kind of schools these will be.

But because it’s so near, do expect your neighbourhood to be bustling with people as early as 7am.

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How much can you earn if you sell this BTO?

If you’re neurotic like me and think everything is a competition and want to know if this BTO will be the most “value”/”worth it”, this may be useful for you.

When it comes to looking at when's the best time to sell your house for maximum profit, the core concept here is the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).

Simply put, when you buy a house, you need to stay in it for at least 5 years before you can sell it.
This one Gahmen say one

Obligatory disclaimer, everything written below is completely my own opinion.

Here’s what I think the BTO lifespan for the Tengah BTO will look like.

BTO lifespan of Tengah BTO

The first rise in #1 is common in all BTOs. Since it’s subsidized public housing, it starts below market price, and slowly gravitates towards the market value after 5 years, the period in which you can sell it.

For Tengah, I expect a higher than average rise as compared to other BTOs at the MOP mark, because by then, most of the amenities would have already been in operation, including the MRT stations and the JRL.

However, the real rise will be at #2, and it’s tenure is dependent on 3 main factors.

Firstly, Tengah will uniquely create demand.

Tengah already stands out as a place where people can live in Nature, and is 1 of the only 3 towns that has a theme attached to them.

holy trinity of towns with themes in singapore

With more people wanting to be environmentally-friendly and finding avenues to be with nature, Tengah allows them to do that in the vicinity of their home. There’s already a “consumer base”, thus the demand.

Plus Tengah looks good doing it.
No cap, one of the other Tengah units just got awarded for it’s S-tier design.

Secondly, and maybe more concretely, the Jurong Innovation District (JID) is right beside Tengah.

The JID is set to be a major hub in the transition towards Industry 4.0. It boasts that it’ll cover more than 600 hectares (that’s 6.2km² for us normal people), will provide over 95,000 jobs, and already has secured companies like Siemens, Bosch and ASTAR to set up their branches there.

Now, what that means for Tengah homeowners is that people who work at the JID may be looking for a unit near their workplace, aka you.

Tengah isn’t … exactly the most central place, that’s not unexpected, unlike Team Spirit’s run at TI10. But hey, at least you're not applying for the Jurong West BTO right?

Thirdly, the possible addition of future developments.

I won't repeat the point of Tengah having the same price trajectory as Punggol (you can find that in past Tengah guides), let's just keep it brief.

With the developmental potential that Tengah has, anything will just add value to the houses here. I'm already foreseeing a surge even without the mention of a shopping mall/physical amenity, so honestly, all that's left for Tengah is to 等啊 (sorry, the joke was right there, I had to say it)

Area #3 is the slow decline that every HDB flat faces as it gets closer to the end of its 99-year lease

Tl;dr - High potential, high reward. The only grub that most people have to get over is their notion of Tengah not being central. In another POV, the Tengah-Jurong area is a CBD in the making, with shopping, businesses and development being prominent in the area. I expect young couples to be bidding for this BTO, as it's not only more affordable, but you get to see the area developing as your family is growing. Also Singles, since it's the only BTO sale this launch that singles can bid for.

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