Here's how to save $40,000 (no cap): Episode 10 - Mortgage Master Blog

Here's how to save $40,000 (no cap): Episode 10


by Kyler Q. on

Refinancing and Repricing aren't generally known terms, especially if you don't own a house.

But it's precisely that reason why most Singaporeans (yes, probably your parents too) overpaid on their housing loans.

In this episode, we talk EVERYTHING about refinancing/repricing. We discuss what these concepts are, and how it'll apply when you get a house, regardless of where you live.

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We also explain how you can go about refinancing/repricing, and how easy it actually is (it only takes 2 hours to save $2k/year!!).

And lastly, we close off this episode by recounting Mortgage Master Co-Founder and CEO David Baey's most memorable refinancing experience, and how he saved a client $3,000 a month.

Posted in Podcast on May 31, 2021